Use Of Organic Search Marketing For Highest Returns

Internet marketing consulting has paved the way for budding marketers to add more skills to their arsenal making them even more desirable hires or partners for businesses needing their expertise. The term is “budding” because a handful of these “marketers” didn’t even study marketing formally in the first place. A handful of them are self- taught and just bank on their creative skills and even their social skills to pick up on the trade. These are individuals who have recognized their strengths and have wisely decided to follow that path.…

A War Over Instruments

Ace Music was acquired in late 1995 by Mark Begelman, a founder of the huge and wildly successful Office Depot retailing chain. Since that time he has been laying the groundwork for an ambitious national Music and Recording Super Store (MARS) chain (see accompanying story). As of this writing, MARS locations are open in Dallas, Atlanta, and Tampa; however, the financial statements released only document the performance of the Miami operations, and thus provide a unique insight into the impact of multiple “superstores” in a single trading area.


Theremin Brings Good Vibes

The Theremin is considered the world’s first electronic instrument. It can be heard in Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” and in the soundtracks of classic (and less-than-classic) films like The Day the Earth Stood Still, Hitchcock’s Spellbound and the recent Mars Attacks!

Designed by Russian-born inventor Lev Termen (see sidebar) and first manufactured by RCA, the original Theremin looks like a wooden podium in a high-school auditorium that has sprouted antennas. These are what make the music that wafts from the speaker in eerie, wavering tones whenever movement-usually a human

Talking About “Pop”

popsYou don’t need to understand Swedish to be struck by the purity of this monthly, designed by art directors Stefania Malmsten and Lars Sundh.  A classic, clean typeface (Monotype Times and Monotype Grotesque, customized by designer Hubert Jocham) suddenly seems very hip here. And the understated, jazzy layout captivates the eye, guiding it smoothly through extensive feature articles and in-depth interviews. Pop’s design boosts up the photographs so that all the featured artists look like superstars, no matter what their place in the public consciousness.

From its debut in 1992,

MIDI Makeouts!

The architecture of the lookinmidi can be divided into three elements – the MIDI interpreter, the pitch generator, and the effects processor. The MIDI interpreter, the real brains of the device, receives the MIDI serial data stream and parses it into real MIDI commands and data. Once received, it interprets them and supplies control data to the pitch generator and effects processor engines. Such information includes sample numbers, pitch tuning, and vibrato depth.

For the effects processor, the generated parameters include channel volume, pan left and right, reverb, and chorus depth.